Farm Girls

Ever visited a farm and seen cowgirls like this? Hardly think so ūüôā With many thanks to Kimbery Storos for organising the farm, we lined up some top models to

Zoo Weekly Issue 270 Page 37

Take it or leave it, but theres not a better satisfaction than seeing that email come in asking for some photos to be published in a national magazine. Luckily enough

That One Shoot

You all know them, you all have them, that one shoot that just comes together and works.  Well this was one of those for me, if not THE one for

Kelsey at North Narrabeen Beach

So as it would have it, i am able to pick the hotest days this summer to shoot in the completely exposed sun, well gladly for the model she had

Summer is Here

Thank god for the warmer weather. Not that we can really say that 4am in the morning down the coast beside the water is warm by any means of the

Well as per the previous post, we had a massive trip down the snow.  Here is the somewhat formal post surrounding it. Id like to thank Ally and Danah personally

Marta’s Superstar Magazine Article

Well done to a good friend Marta Dabrowski! Getting featured on SuperStar Magazines website.  Be sure to have a read through.  Shame im not mentioned in the credits for the

Daisy – Bobbi’s Pole Studio

One of my newly established clients has come to me with a requirement to shoot some photos for Ms Pole Dance Australia Competition.  Daisy who is a pole instructor at

Published in Nuts UK

Just a quick note to everyone to spread my happiness over the place that i was contacted by Nuts Magazine UK for my photos of Marta Dabrowski to be used in their publication. Big


Marta Dabrowski came to visit for a glammed up shoot before she moves overseas.  We pulled the lads together on possibly the hotest day on earth and decided to shoot