So as it would have it, i am able to pick the hotest days this summer to shoot in the completely exposed sun, well gladly for the model she had an $8 umbrella protecting her from the nasty UV sun rays and this was the best $8 i had spent.  We started to shoot at about 10 am and shot through till approx midday.  The hotest past of the day, yup, you guessed it, 11am.  Tipping the 30degrees in direct sun.  This pasty boy cant have that kind of sun exposure so close to the sun.

Atleast 2 good things came out of the shoot:

  1. I got a tan
  2. Kelsey was blending in perfectly to get the hotest shots to the start of summer

So what did we end up with apart from sunburn/stroke? take a look! Armed with my trusty elinchrom ranger pack, 135cm octabox a couple of dodgy props and colorchecker passport we got snapping.