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David Reid

Its a little project of mine to start to create a bit of a fun portfolio of different

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Estelle at Port Botany in Calvin’s
David Reid

Its been a hectic 7 months with my awesome newborn but its great to team up with an

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Offering high end glamour, swimwear, lingerie photography services

My main focus over my photography year has been to provide high end glamour photography services up and down the eastern seaboard of Australia.

Working with cover models, to models starting their journey requiring a trusted and known photographer in the industry.

Fashion photography is about selling a cohesive story

To be able to understand the clients idea of where they are wanting to take the photos provides a huge insight in being able to directly influence and connect with the models to ensure the outcome is as expected

Producing editorial images that without the associated text, continues to drive the emotion, story and journey of the campaign is paramount to deliver

Drone, Octacopter, Aerial Photography and Videography.  We are now taking it to the skies.

Armed with high than High Definition cameras, we are able to capture videos and photos from a new perspective never dreamt of previously

From Real Estate aerial and drone photography to providing footage to films requiring a unique look. Aerial photography is opening up huge opportunities to capture some amazing footage

Tasteful retouching with a flair of perfection to bring out what the camera can not pick up

Retouching is always a dirty word.  Its important to keep in mind to accentuate the focus of the image whilst removing distractions that take away from the story

Color, contrast, tone and detail. its all the little things that come together to create a great image.  Never underestimate the little things.

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept

Ansel Adams

Working through the Australian Eastern Seaboard, I am primarily a glamour photographer who has worked in both the beauty and fashion campaign areana’s.  I have been providing photography services for over a decade and take great pride in each client interaction

Whilst providing photography services, i have teamed up with other local professional photographers and have taught other up and coming photographers the technique of glamour and complex lighting photography. It gives me great pleasure seeing the photographers we have taught, continue in their dream of being a photographer full time


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