Well as per the previous post, we had a massive trip down the snow.  Here is the somewhat formal post surrounding it.

Id like to thank Ally and Danah personally from the bottom of my heart.  They really did make this trip what it was.  There was no precious behaviour and were willing to shoot in all conditions.  They were more comfortable with the shooting conditions than i was wanting to allow them to shoot in, i was genuinely worried about them however they kept wanting to shoot to get the shots for the boys, signs of true professionals and really should be considered for much more work in the future.

To the guys who came, what can i say?  You are all legends and was a pleasure spending the whole time with you.

Rob, your a crazy man.  I cant get enough of your jokes and no i dont want to be audited.  It wouldnt have been the trip without you.

Dan, step away from the animals! Apart from this shocking memory, your eye and creativity was breathtaking.

Chris, you somewhat kept this photography related.  Your passion for shooting and processing work perfectly was inspiring to see someone who wanted perfection out of every frame.

Thomas – aka The Stig, mate you are just endless fun at hanging jokes on people quick witted and just all round great personality.

You guys are always welcome on any shoots and any workshops we have coming up and we really look forward to doing the next one with you all and hopefully some new recruits.  Lets just see how crazy this can get 🙂

As for the place we stayed Swagmans Rest (aka “the barn”) What a great place to stay. Lots of personality, lots of animals lots of writing on the bathroom wall.  If you ever want to get out to the snow fields and enjoy some country living, id recommend this place to stay however it can be a little daunting with alpaca’s and ponies at the door.

Id also like to thank Simon my bestie for lending me one of his buses to get us down without a problem.

My partner in crime – Ed.  Well all i can say is thank you for putting up with my stupid antics and ideas constantly and impulse decisions to do things.  I appreciate it every second of it and i enjoy the bicker we have between each other.  Its really great to have just taken these ideas we have over late night chats at my place and just run with them and it doesnt seem like its slowing down any time soon.  People are standing up and taking some notice, some are hating some are loving.  Hope we can continue this through for many many years to come.

Attached are some shots from my work over the weekend, as much as im happy with the shots they arent my best work but the experience of the weekend has outweighed any top shot you could ask for.



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