Thank god for the warmer weather. Not that we can really say that 4am in the morning down the coast beside the water is warm by any means of the imagination. However you just cant beat sunrise shoots, especially with a glam model, glam bikini and perfect cloud formation going on.

Ally and I took a trip down to Hyams Beach down the NSW / Sydney coast and stayed a night in a “lovely” motel. However we were only staying in the room for less than 4 hours so i guess we couldnt complain. After we checked into our shoebox it was charging the pack time and getting everything ready for the next couple of hours.

Something happened and then happened in the form of an alarm clock buzzing screaming at us both to wake us up. This was a very unwelcomed planned surprise. Ally gets up and does her makeup and looks the most stunning 4am model ever. I gradually find my way out of the bed by the time she has finished makeup and have the car packed.

Drive 15minutes down the road to the whitest sand beach in all the southern hemisphere. To my amazement, i could walk the whole beach in 2 leaps. Its tiny!

We walk down to the water, armed with the ever so trusty Elinchrom Ranger RX kit, setup our lights, complain about how long the sun is taking to crest over the horizon, then run back to the car to sit in heating. Finally the sun peaks itself over the clouds and these are our results.

Hope you like them.


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