Take it or leave it, but theres not a better satisfaction than seeing that email come in asking for some photos to be published in a national magazine.

Luckily enough this was me the other week.

I had recently shot with Marta Dabrowski who is a model in Sydney who i shot with previously and we had a shot published in Nuts UK magazine last year.  Well we struck it up again on our second shoot (2 shots 2 publications).  Marta is the CFC (Cage Fighting Championship) Ring Girl and we were lucky enough to get ring entrance before the fights in Sydney to quickly snap these shots.  We were giving 30minutes and that was it.

Fighters were surrounding us and all officials were looking in wondering what we were doing.  Lightstands everywhere, lenses being thrown left right and centre.  Working up a sweat running around to get as many shots as we could.

Rushed in and rushed out we managed to get some excelent photos and ones that we are happy enough to forward to Zoo Weekly here in Australia.  Well they picked them up and of Issue 270, on page 37 there they are 🙂

Im a little bit chuffed 😉

Have a look at some of the other shots we have done too.

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