Tamika Rawson – Behind the Scenes

Hey all, yesterday a good friend and long time model of mine had organised a high glamour shoot.  The images are coming through thick and fast from the edits and

Ally Hayward or should i say Reid

“…going to the chapel, and we’re going to get married” Well thats what i would have been singing if it was true.  However, “going to the beach, and we’re going

Shontelle Mcfarlane

If you havent seen it, be sure to check out the Behind the Scenes video that i put up recently of a fantastic model, Shontelle. I have been shooting a lot

Behind The Scenes – Shontelle Mcfarlane

Hey all! Just a quick video to give you a BTS sneak peak of an upcoming shoot to be released in the coming days of Shontelle Mcfarlane. More info on Shontelle

Tanya Doherty – Malabar

The weather has been against me to say the least at the moment.  Its been from constant cloudless sunrises to absolutely torrential rain it just seemed that i couldn’t hold

Recent Publications

Its always awesome to be asked to provide images for a magazine to be published, well i have recently been absolutely overcome with the latest amount of requests i have

Krystal – Tennis Shoot

I recently shoot with Krystal who we have previously used in our Glamor Workshop sessions. I had never had the opportunity to date to shoot with her 1 on 1


Megan to my amazement has only done 1 shoot before the shoot with me.  Megan was amazing infront of the camera and so confident, not without her mum coming along

Pizza Girls

What do you get when you cross 3 of the hotest models currently around with a hot theme and lots and lots of flour?  Well a themed Pizza Shoot, and

Behind the Scenes – Farm Shoot

David Reid Photography along with Wes Hawkings and Nathan Brammer shot Kylie Whyte, Sarah, Ally Kelly and Kim Storos at a camdem farm. check the video out for the BTS