What do you get when you cross 3 of the hotest models currently around with a hot theme and lots and lots of flour?  Well a themed Pizza Shoot, and my gosh was it hot!

As always thank you to the models, Kahili Blundell, Kylie Whyte and Sarah.  My assistants Ally Hayward and Wes Hawkings for their overwhelming support on all shoots

Well what else can i say? This shoot was one of the biggest i have done with easily the biggest models i have shot (and biggest in the way of most famous). Massive thanks for one of my besties Edward Hor for letting me suppliment my kit with his thus making a ALOT of Elinchrom packs and lights in 1 room 🙂 & All in all, shot with a 5 light setup, 2x fill 2x rim 1x ringflash that the general gist.

For all the people who have logins to my submission albums these photos, plus the others of the set are there for your viewing too.

Till next time


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