Thankfully i was recommened by another friend and photographer (Rob Gjessing) to help him out on a shoot that he wasnt able to do with one of his clients.

The client being the famous Coogee Bay Hotel.  

The breif was that they had some objects that they needed to shoot which would make up their raffle draw which consisted of a boat and various other camping equipment.

I had a greenscreen so it was off to work i go.  I met the lady at Coogee Bay Hotel and we got shooting, unfortuantely the products were huge (fortunate for the winner) so my green screen could only partially cover the objects each time.  So multiple shots later we covered the boat, then the camping gear.

On a side note, as soon as i walked in and saw the products i knew i was in for a problem with my screen size.  Thankfully knowing the applications to be used i was able to think like i would be the designer and what i would expect, so with this in mind i shot with the mindset of merging all images together with masks and using the selective color range tool to cut the images out.  Worked an absolute treat! I hope the graphic designers appreciate the forethought of doing this rather than just taking the shots and passing the problem onto them.