Santorini Swim – Campaign Photoshoot

Custom Tan – Rebranding

Custom Tan has recently gone through a rebranding exercise and has sought assistance for providing images for their new website. We organised 2 models to be the brands new faces:

Boob Beanie

Lets just say that one of the more odd kind of client shoots i have had on recent is a beanie……. which is made to look like a boob. Very

Custom Tan

Some of you may be aware that my sister is one of the leading spray tan suppliers in all of Australia.  She has built her company up from the ground

Coogee Bay Hotel

Thankfully i was recommened by another friend and photographer (Rob Gjessing) to help him out on a shoot that he wasnt able to do with one of his clients. The


Deputy is a new business who are developing (as i understand it) a SAAS (software as a solution) product primarily aimed at the hospitality industry. The software seems remarkable and

Stick on Nails

I dont know if the heading is right or wrong, but one thing i do know is that whoever is working with tiny sticky products i will always be here

Mosmann Australia

Mosmann Australia had contacted me to assist with their new product launch and get some new fresh images up on their website. We first met at Studio 49 to conduct