Coogee Bay Hotel

Thankfully i was recommened by another friend and photographer (Rob Gjessing) to help him out on a shoot that he wasnt able to do with one of his clients. The


Deputy is a new business who are developing (as i understand it) a SAAS (software as a solution) product primarily aimed at the hospitality industry. The software seems remarkable and

Zoo Weekly Issue 270 Page 37

Take it or leave it, but theres not a better satisfaction than seeing that email come in asking for some photos to be published in a national magazine. Luckily enough

Stick on Nails

I dont know if the heading is right or wrong, but one thing i do know is that whoever is working with tiny sticky products i will always be here

Interview: Me, not by me.

Tristan Jud (@tristanjud) has been a twitter follower of mine for a while now and we have exchanged the odd tweet here and there.  Well little did i know Tristan

Mosmann – New Packaging

I have said it before and i will say it again.  Im a Calvin man through and though.  That was until a couple of months ago i started shooting for

Ms Body Winner

Let me introduce winner of Ms Body, aka Anne Tran. Anne is going for a submission in Oxygen Fitness Magazine and is wanting some new shots showing off her fantastically

Timmy Trumpet and Stafford Brothers

Watch this space for these templates to be used all around the festival arena as the Stafford Brothers and Timmy Trumpet to offer the world some of the best festival

Marta’s Superstar Magazine Article

Well done to a good friend Marta Dabrowski! Getting featured on SuperStar Magazines website.  Be sure to have a read through.  Shame im not mentioned in the credits for the

Tenzin Flyers

By god dam dont you love some of those suprises that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy! Well thats what i got after i just got linked a