I have said it before and i will say it again.  Im a Calvin man through and though.  That was until a couple of months ago i started shooting for Mosmann Australia.  I was lucky enough to receive some of their underwear as a gift and i can only say that im finding it really hard to not only not buy Calvin, but not recommend Calvin buyers into Mosmann’s gear.  This stuff is seriously comfortable.

Even as i type this blog post, id be lieing to you if i said i wasnt wearing them.

Coming in the future releases of some of the Mosmann packaging is the underwear coming in boxes.  Its to be fun, active and not in your face hot sweaty man all over the packaging.  This is the second style of shots we have done for this and here are some quick snips from the shoot.

Be sure to check out Mosmann’s site http://www.mosmann.com.au here and tell them that Dave sent you 🙂

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