Of late i have been really enjoying my new camera, Canon 1dx.  It really really surprises me with its ability in obtaining stunning images and having a flawless focus system.  This is a far cry from my old Canon 1ds 3 which was primarily a studio focused camera.  Now this may seem that its a little off the topic of the post – and it probably is however i had such enjoyment in shooting an old friend who i lived close to when i was living in Cronulla. 

Tammy who i have worked with previously in glamour styled shoots has contacted me about shooting herself and her fiance for an e-session to celebrate their engagement.  I knew the perfect place, Centennial Park, we just needed the perfect afternoon light.

Well both Tim and Tammy delivered some outstanding chemistry with each other which translated into some gorgeous images coupled with a perfect golden light.  Tim who has never had any photos taken of himself professionally before fell straight into being totally confident and at ease with both Ally and I capturing their session.

These are some of the photos that we captured and Tammy picked over 50 photos which she just loved out of the whole shoot.  It was an absolute joy to deliver these to her and i wish her and Tim the best in the future.

With a bit of luck i have also submitted with Tammys permission the session to Polkadot Bride, with all my fingers crossed i hope that they get picked up.

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