Adding color to a photo is always a winning solution in making an image come alive.  I had recently seen a video of a photographer who was based in the states who took this to a new level by involving coloured powder to help emphasise the shape and movement of the model and this was something that i wanted to try for myself.

I started down a journey of trying to find paint pigment and other materials to use for the shoot but only came up with substances that were either hazardous to health or did not have the right consistency and texture to make this work the way i wanted.  

I stumbled across some Holi Powder which is used as part of the Indian Festival of Color.  This was to be perfect but the festival has just finished!

By sourcing a local Indian  supermarket in Sydney Ally and i headed off to try our luck.   Fortunately for us, they had boxes and boxes of it, however not on the shelf, we were taken into the back room and got to take as mucha s we wanted of all colours.

Teaming up with Jack and his partner Rose, i did some test shoots with Ally and then finally some more shots with Michelle who we organised the shoot through.  Here are some of the results from the shoot.

The only thing to do was to clean up 🙂

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