Recent Publications

Its always awesome to be asked to provide images for a magazine to be published, well i have recently been absolutely overcome with the latest amount of requests i have

Krystal – Tennis Shoot

I recently shoot with Krystal who we have previously used in our Glamor Workshop sessions. I had never had the opportunity to date to shoot with her 1 on 1

Marta’s Superstar Magazine Article

Well done to a good friend Marta Dabrowski! Getting featured on SuperStar Magazines website.  Be sure to have a read through.  Shame im not mentioned in the credits for the

Published in DNA Magazine

Hey guys just did a quick Mosmann Australia shoot last night with 2 fantastic new models and Jonathan to help capture their new line. During the shoot Jonathan mentioned that the shots

Published in Nuts UK

Just a quick note to everyone to spread my happiness over the place that i was contacted by Nuts Magazine UK for my photos of Marta Dabrowski to be used in their publication. Big