An engagement shoot or a pre-wedding shoot?  Either way, upon waking up yesterday morning it was raining and blowing a gale.  Not the ideal start to a photo shoot.  Leaving Annandale, and heading down to Wanda Beach in Cronulla i was off to assist Ally with her shoot. The sun started shining and the weather turned from horrible to amazing!  Ross and Amy are Ally’s and my brother and sister in law and are due to have their wedding in march 2014. Prior to the order of the day, a large serving of bacon for breakfast, we captured some magical photos of Ross and Amy.

Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-1 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-2 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-3 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-4 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-5 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-6 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-7 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-8 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-9 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-10 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-11 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-12 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-13 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-14 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-15 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-16 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-17 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-18 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-19 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-20 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-21 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-22 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-23 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-24 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-25 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-26 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-27 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-28 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-29 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-30 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-31 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-32 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-33 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-34 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-35 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-36 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-37 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-38 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-39 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-40 Ross_Amy_Engagement_Shoot_Wanda-41

Be sure to head over to Ally’s blog to see her images too of the shoot [here]


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