chocolat Noun, masculine

hot chocolate, drinking chocolate

chocolate n. chocolat, substance alimentaire faite avec des fêves de cacao, de la vanille, du sucre et d’autres aromates; couleur chocolat, brun foncé  adj. chocolat, de couleur brune, marron

Its french for Chocolate 🙂

I have been considering buying some grey paper for some time.  This would serve as a great backdrop for beauty styled shots.  Yet still i dont have one, however, i do have a grey wall outside on my balcony and this is exactly where we did this shoot, in the middle of the day.  Why am i talking about that when i have a model who wanted to be covered in chocolate!

Lay the towels, this is going to get messy!

And didnt it… We were equipted with 2 litres of chocolate sauce, a towel and a sausage dog who kept trying to clean Ally one square inch at a time.  With my latest birthday present from Ed, i got a Elinchrom MaxiSpot and a Frosted Glass Dome.  Fitted this to my Ranger heads, boomed it over and shot away.  I am absoltey inlove with the maxispot!  I love the look and i think Elinchrom have done a great job on it.  Its crazy efficent too!  But i will do a review on that next time.

Here are a couple of shots from our shoot and no – theres no behind the scenes shots or videos coming out 🙂