Escort and Adult Services Photography

There comes a point when every photographer who shoots high end glamour and lingerie photos is asked to provide services to the Adult Services, Agency and Private Escort market.

I have been working with Private Escorts and Agencies as a trusted photographer for the majority of the last decade. I have been supplying many establishments with complete image coverage of rooms, through to rostered ladies and front of house staff for their websites. I have heard many stories of other photographers who are not reputable and I am proud to be amongst the select few Sydney Photographers who are trusted by not only Private and Agency Escorts but Physical Establishments. I’m also humbled to be promoted by other Adult Services websites as a preferred supplier.

I take great pride in the fact that you have taken the time to reach out and speak with me about your requirements. I have created the below form for you to fill out as required and we can discuss the finer details of your shoot.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

I have previously operated on an honour system with bookings.  Unfortunately, this has now been taken advantage of, too many times. For all new bookings (escorts i have not worked with before), i require a minimum deposit of $100 prior to to the date of the organised shoot.  For any repeat customers, i am happy to continue to work on the honour system previously in place. Apologies and thank you for your understanding.

The Private Escort services is most appropriate for individual adult service working models.  This is appropriate for a escort who is attempting to break into the industry, refresh their portfolio, or 2 or more individual escorts who want updates.

Services Include

Up to 3 hours of shooting time
As many outfits and change of clothes are required
Single Location (either outside of Inside)*
Private Gallery to view all photos
Selection of 9 images of your choice for retouching (additional images available at additional fee per image)
Small / Minor tattoo removal (if required)
Copy of face censored photos
Image delivery within 2 weeks

Price: $450.00

If a hotel room or location is required, this will be an additional cost this is to be paid directly to the hotel upon check in.  If hair stylist and makeup artists are required, this will be an additional cost.  The fee’s are paid directly to the hair & makeup artists prior to the shoot. Major tattoo removal and Significant body modification can be attempted but outcomes are not promised.

The Online Agency Escort services provide an extended shoot time to have a refresh of the escorts portfolios in a quick turn around time.  By having multiple escorts go to the shoot through the same time provide a cohesive look across all images.  It provides an avenue to hire a suite and have very luxurious images with minimal cost.

Services Include

5 Hours of Shoot Time
As many Agency Girls as available to shoot within the time frame
As many outfit changes as required
At a location of your choice
5 retouched images of each girl
Private gallery of each girl
Minor tattoo removal (if required)
Copy of face censored photos
Image delivery within 2 weeks

PRICE: $800.00

If a hotel is required it is recommended to get a suite so all images do not repeat the same scene of each girl, this cost is to be paid upon check in.  It is recommended to have a hear and makeup artist available for the shoot.  Major tattoo and body modifications can be attempted however outcomes not promised.

Primarily focused at brothels with a regular roster of girls working, it is a monthly commitment to have a predefined time scheduled to attend the establishment to provide photography services.

Services Include

Regular onsite weekly visit on prescheduled day(s).
Maximum of 5 Hours on site each visit to conduct photography services
As many girls to have images captured as available
4 Images per girl retouched
Minimal tattoo removal if required
Copy of face censored photos
Secure online gallery for image selection

Price: $2400.00/month

This is to be paid a month in advance.  It is assumed that a room will be available in the establishment for the photos to occur.  The images are to be used for the online advertising of the establishment with individual profiles on the establishment website.

Contact Form

    Are you new to the industry?

    Which best suits your needs?
    Private EscortOnline Escort AgencyPhysical Establishment

    Do you have a profile already online (Private Girls, Scarlet Blue, etc)

    What is the reason you are looking to shoot new images

    Upload Images you are trying to recreate/use for inspiration

    Any other comments or questions?

    Any and all information provided will remain completely confidential.


    All images captured and retouched will never be distributed outside of delivery to you.  I will not use the images anywhere on my website, online or any social media, unless permission is specifically provided by you.
    The online gallery will only be available throughout the time of shoot and image delivery.  The gallery is secured and only accessible to individuals with the password.  I will not distribute the gallery or credentials to anyone other than yourself.