Continuing my adventure into capturing a more editorial fashion styled photo shoot, i had come across Roshie on Model Mayhem and discussed a themed beach shoot.  Formulating a mood board in Pintrest i set aside a few images that was to provide the look and feel of the shoot that i wanted to capture. Fortuitously Roshie lives about 5 minutes away from me and we organised an early morning photo shoot at Maroubra beach.  A good friend also came along and snuck in a few sneaky frames of his own at the end using part of his collection of film and medium format film cameras, im looking forward to seeing the final development of the shots Jack did.

You can get in contact with Roshie on her model mayhem page linked above or her Facebook account – here.

Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-1 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-2 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-3 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-4 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-5 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-6 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-7 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-8 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-9 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-10 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-11 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-12 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-13 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-14 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-15 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-16 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-17 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-18 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-19 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-20 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-21 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-22 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-23 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-24 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-25 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-26 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-27 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-28 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-29 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-30 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-31 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-32 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-33 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-34 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-35 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-36 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-37 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-38 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-39 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-40 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-41 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-42 Roshie_Maroubra_Beach_-43


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