Mosmann Australia got back in contact with me to discuss their new line and some styles that are coming through.  We needed to capture a fun moving and exciting line of underwear.

The style for Mosmann has grown significantly from being a start up business underwear label to a true player in the underwear market. Mosmann are quickly making a comfortable, fashionable designed underwear and are competing head to head with the big brands – and winning!

I have been lucky enough to receive some of these garments and must say that my CK’s have alot to answer for with the price comparison.

We did the shoot in Studio49 and needed to capture the product shots and also some moving / jumping shots which can be utilised on their site. This one may be more for the ladies than the guys viewing 😉 Be sure to check out Mosmann Australias website (here) and click the shots for a bigger view Dave


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