IT Integrity as some of you may know, i also work for. We are currently in the process of doing a refresh on our own internet website.

Part of the refresh required a photographer to capture the images for the executive team to display on the site.

I had an initial idea of shooting the team with the logo behind their head. The thoughts in my head was have a high octabox to the subject, shoot a second light at the logo on a wall with a grid on this. I thought about the distances and i thought ath f/4 was suitable for this affect i wanted to do. Unfortunately the environment had different thoughts. Light just bounced around way too much and to control the light well enough i would have had to get “too close” to the subjects with lights.

So we headed outdoors.

It was all in all a simple shot, it was in the middle of the day on the driveway.

Setup the subject on a chair and shot up to them, set the octabox up higher than them and clicked away.

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